The Civil Wars

I just love them so much. I can’t imagine how I haven’t listened to them earlier. 

Beyond the music, which is a gorgeous sound with an appropriate amount of country blend, and beyond the lyrics, which are so exquisite they cause a physical ache, I love the entire concept. The Civil Wars. 

Most of their songs refer to the domestic battles faced in a marriage. And their frankness about the bitterness, the resentment, the hatred even, their lack of romanticisation of marriage, is what really moves me. They depict long-term relationships as this insane thing where you can experience moments of absolutely not loving the other person, and how the person has their flaws, and yet through it all, there’s this absolute purity of love. All that irritation, that honesty, that realism, that frank evaluation of another person’s existence are formed on the basis of love for the person. Even when you hate the person, you love the person. 

And that is the most romantic thing of all, to me. To stay until you’re ashes, when it is so easy to leave. To not love, but always love. To acknowledge that fitting another person in your life is one of the hardest things to do because of the flaws of human interaction and everyone’s rough edges, but to still try. Simply because of love. 

They explore love after love, a rarity in the music industry as in contemporary life. 


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