Lover, don’t you know you’re so beautiful?

One of the things that is supremely attractive to me is humility. An extraordinary person is made even more so by his complete lack of awareness of his greatness. It’s too bad, though, that success is what society worships, instead of greatness.

I wish you could know how awesome I think you are, and not just because I’m completely in love with you, but because you are. You have an inordinate amount of courage by choosing the path you’re currently on. You hold on when it’s only sensible to let go, because you are guided by the warmth in your heart and a belief that we should stay true to that irritating little voice in our heads that is always right.

(I wish you had the same amount of faith when it came to me, last summer. As an avid consumer of fiction and a wannabe writer, I frequently evaluate decisions based on a narrative. And I always wonder what our narrative would have been if certain things had happened, or not. Not much has changed, we have reverted to our original course, but I always wonder. I always wonder. What if we never talked ever again? What if we never separated? Would you have loved another? You probably would, and so would I. I ask these questions not because of inherent dissatisfaction, but just because I am always intrigued by the potentiality of storylines, and I wonder what our journey would have been in an alternate universe.

When we broke up last summer, I deleted my old WordPress. Till this day, I have mixed motivations. It was a record of my happiness; all the songs made sense then. Sometimes I regret it because I had a number of (borrowed) insights that still resonate with me and I wish was posted somewhere in this virtual universe, but I don’t regret letting go of the posts related to you. For some reason, that belonged to another life now.)


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