Alphabet Challenge!

So, this blog is always lacking in updates and I am always not writing enough, so I’ve decided to take up a blogging (?) challenge that I’ve seen on other blogs: the Alphabet Challenge!

I shall write two entries per week, where each entry will revolve around a letter. I will write about four items that begin with that particular letter, either objects, people or places that I immediately think of when considering the letter, or things that are dear to me, or anything I find interesting to talk about.

Do the challenge with me, why don’t you?


The Indoor Chronicles

Good evening, fellow humans! Here’s an administrative/personal update of sorts that usually doesn’t appear on this blog but is warranted due to my messy move.

Since my move from Tumblr to WordPress, my blog has been surprisingly well-received amongst readers of diverse profiles, and I thank you for the views and comments. I’m very much looking forward to the interactions we’ll continue to have as we share our thoughts and loves and lives. My WordPress is now completed and organised, including my measly About page. Come say hello!

For my new (and old) readers, I mainly post Musings about life, love, stories, people, moralities and lessons, but I also give book, movie and film Reviews, and compile Lists of random things. I absolutely love borrowing the wisdom and beauty of other writers (Quotes) but also love writing creative Prose. Have a dialogue with me in my Conversations section or get to know a little bit of my personal life as part of my Diary.

The most recent news plaguing my country (Singapore) is the persistent haze, a result of “slash and burn” forest fires in Sumatra:

THE world reacted with incredulity yesterday when it discovered what a “Singapore” was. Some clues to the existence of the city-state began emerging on Wednesday, when millions of orders for respiratory masks began crashing Amazon’s servers.

Political insinuations and counting of blessings aside, the haze has only reaffirmed my lifestyle choice of staying indoors, such that I’ve consumed an insane number of hours of TV in the last few days and have translated that to reviews in my drafts.

So, you know, join me as this blog documents my transformation into a vampire. Well, mostly.