Building a galaxy

At work, we’ve signed on a new fashion client and this has awakened me to the only probable conclusion that I am way out of my league when it comes to the world of style. I have little knowledge on the fashion landscape in Singapore, close to no contacts and no instinct in this field at all. (Well, now I have some knowledge after researching for a while. The fashion world in Singapore is massive!)

This made me realise that there exists an entire world out there that was not known to me other than in little inklings, and it has been running adjacent to my world, so close to me but also so completely distant.

It seems easy to think that with the ease of travel, communication and exhibitionistic behaviour ala the Internet, very few things are unknown to us. We’ve conquered every last continent, discovered every element, most of the time to the detriment of the planet we live in, but we’re insatiable creatures and we just want to know, know, know and use, use, use. And yet, isn’t the world just made up of smaller, overlapping, independent worlds? A multitude of smaller infinities struggling to fit into bigger infinities?

Then, surely the question becomes: can we truly know all worlds? It seems like many different realities unravel side by side, never truly touching. The people who read and write about the things I care about don’t necessarily venture into the world of fashion, a universe that is guided by principles very different from the ‘verse I’m familiar with. Of course there are certain things that are banded by humanity and all seem to come under one large framework of things, like our appreciation of beauty, the pursuit of happiness and meaning, all of which ground the fundamental creation of different infinities. A lot of us are the same and want the same things; it’s just a matter of what energises us and what we think of as fuel to keep us alive.

Despite all that, it does sometimes feel that the only world I will ever know is my own, one that is limited and never truly enough, even when it overwhelms me and I try every day of my life to become a useful and important person that contributes to this world in the way I know how.

I want so much to reach out and bridge all the gaps that grow and flare between my world and everyone else’s. And yet, relationships based on differences are fascinating and exhausting in equal measure, cos most of the time we just want to sit and enjoy the intricacies of the homes we’ve built for ourselves. We will therefore need to negotiate which parts of ourselves are most important that we need to preserve and share fiercely, and which parts of others we will continue to love even in the days we hate them so we can build ecosystems, galaxies where different worlds come together in particular and special ways.

The venture is frightening and I still am trying to understand it but let me try my best.


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