Every love is different

There are some people who love more easily than others. They slip into love more easily, they are quick to see the good in people, they may be careless with their hearts, they may have head-over-heels, epic, intense, urgent romance. And then there are those people who take a lot of time and careful consideration before they realise they are in love, love has to patiently take down every brick and mortar, they may be slower to warm to another, they may collect steady strands of daily love and build it up to a strong foundation of their lives.

Not everyone shares the same qualities, not everyone who loves more easily has epic romance, not everyone who is more careful with their hearts have strong relationships, not everyone is the same, and everyone loves differently, in a different way, a different amount, demonstrated in a multitude of different infinities. 

All I know is I am glad for the infinity I have and have had with the people I love and have loved in my life. 


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