A window into luxury.

I’ve been working at a boutique public relations firm for close to four months now and I’ve had the most fun. While I don’t think I’ll work in PR long term, I’ve had a genuinely great time getting a different insight into the Singaporean media we work with, not to mention this is probably the only time in my life I’ll be able to apply the specific PR lessons I’ve learnt in the Comm Management part of my uni course.

But as I said, I don’t think I could do this long-term. My firm deals with mainly luxury travel, representing hotels and other high-end hospitality business. While it’s been interesting, the bottom line is I don’t think I would feel comfortable serving the interests of the rich for a long time. Hahahh it sounds so odd to say it out loud (or rather pen it down here) but I guess that’s been the sentiment that’s been plaguing me for a while.

Last night, my boss invited me to a cocktail event, a wedding showcase kinda thing, and it was the strangest window into a world I only ever read about and see fictional versions of. While it was nowhere close to Gatsby proportions, it was a world that only existed because of self-serving interests, and that’s a lot of how PR works.

I’m no social saviour or spokesperson or anything but all I know is helping the ultra rich get richer is a weird uncomfortable position to me, especially also cos some of the rich are Caucasian or foreign to the Southeast Asian shores they’ve decided to use for selling an experience to other Caucasians or foreigners.

Hmmm. I would not say no to the occasional luxurious experience and feeling like a queen once in a while, but I would like to think that on a day to day basis I have some greater meaning in the work I do and maybe a cause to fight.

I think my chosen inclination toward storytelling is not really some noble thing in contrast, but I would like to think it goes a long way to helping humanity and expanding human understanding.


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