(via faganchelsea)

I want to just take a moment to say that I’m really proud of how my body is feeling the past few weeks since I’ve been taking clean eating and exercise (six days a week!!!) very seriously.

I’ve always tried to maintain as neutral a stance as possible on my physical appearance because I felt it was something that we do not earn, and that I wanted the vast majority of my attention and development and worth to go towards my brain and what I am capable of.

But when you really take care of your body and give it what it needs to be healthy and primed, you realize that it not something you are simply handed. It is something you cultivate and create, and which allows the rest of your life to be as full of energy or as lethargic as you choose.

Women are too often forced to look at their bodies as the litmus test for their worth. We should reject that, but still learn to appreciate physical health and vibrance as something that is as internal as intelligence or personality. It is something you feel, not something you look like.


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