TUMBLR ASK: Why do you watch almost all American tv? Are you interested in the culture there? How about say korean dramas,or Taiwanese shows?

An opportunity to talk about television?? I’ll take it!

I do watch A LOT of American television, and I love it. The nature of the industry in the US can offer us an insane number of shows to choose from, and a lot of which are well-produced, because they have to compete for viewership. In the process, a lot of good television is created.

But I’m definitely not just interested in American culture. I love anything cultural or historical, and I am super into Chinese culture and history, especially.

I don’t watch a lot of Korean or Taiwanese dramas, because some of them feature quite a lot of overused tropes, but I am open to any well-constructed shows. Do you have any to recommend? (I especially cannot stand the long-suffering good person who gets misunderstood repeatedly trope that always appears on Asian tv!!!! I suffer so much second-hand frustration.)

Anyway, but I watch an insane amount of Canto drama. Man, you don’t even know. I watch a lot of HK crime shows, especially. I have a few favourites that I watch over and over, and I follow a few actors throughout their career. You can ask me more about it if you’re interested, heh.

(Edit: I watch a lot of British shows too, and they are quite fundamentally different from American.)


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