TUMBLR ASK: Hi. Did you receive my last question? Just asking,why do you love tragedies so much? All your favourite books seem utterly sad and belong to the class of tearjerkers where you can’t read without a tissue in hand! Are you a happy person?

Haha I AM a happy person!!! I’m generally smiley and easily content and enjoy most things in life except bitter gourd and judgmental people.

But I do have a general inclination toward sad books/music. Not sure if you’ve experienced it, but this depicts the short version.

The long version is that reading sad books and listening to sad music makes you feel, and making you feel reminds you of being alive, and being alive is a wonderful thing! Also, because there’re always lessons to be learnt from all art alike, and I like that a lot of ‘tearjerkers’, as you put it, are tempered with wisdom. And also because there’s something so profound about sadness that it inspires the most potent poetry, don’t you think?

A recent non-sad book that I read: The Night Circus. It’s full of wonderful and magical things, and you won’t feel sad reading it. Well, mostly.


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