TUMBLR ASK: You Tumblr post about ideas and thoughts. Why don’t you share some of your life too, like maybe what you learnt in school, what you do when you hang out with your friends etc?

Haha now THIS message has really been taking residence in my inbox, and I truly apologise for not having answered some of my anons’ very sincere questions.

The truth is, I don’t really DO much in life. I’m a really boring person. I go to school (and well, my part-time work now too,) I go home, I watch an insane amount of tv, I do a lot of work cos I care about school and my learning, I read, I meet my boyfriend and we watch some more tv, I meet my friends, of which I don’t have very many, and I hang out at home with my family.

So utterly unexciting, don’t you think?


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