There is no one in the world I wish to protect more than my mother. It may seem kind of ironic that I wish to protect my mom, rather than the other way round. But sometimes I feel like a lioness standing guard in front of her cubs when it comes to my family.

The truth is, my mom never explicitly taught me many things. I learnt what I did and became who I am by reading a lot, depending on a sharp sense of logic, and forming my own opinions without her help or input. Any strength I have I also somehow built on my own, and I try to use it to (emotionally) support my family. My mom never really did much parenting, you see.

But I could never be who I am in the world without my parents, without my mom. I became who I am very much on my own, but only because she gave me freedom to be who I want to be. My mom never gave me any idea I couldn’t be what I wanted, and I love her for it. For sure, until now she asks me why I’m not studying law or going into the civil service. But she never limited me, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Until now she always encourages me to seize any opportunities that come by, even at her expense.

So, even though I sometimes feel I can be emotionally independent of her, I could never abandon her. And I will always be her defender.


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