Bullets about people and society and media and stories and things

  • There are some days that you just hate the people you love, and there’s just no way around it. You are impatient and spiteful, and sometimes you want to be impatient and spiteful, just so you can hurt people when you’re feeling particularly annoyed or angry or indignant. It’s terrible and terrifying, that people can be so damaging, and insane when you think about it because we give others the power to be so damaging and these are both fundamentally human instincts. In such situations, you just have to get through it and try not to say anything you cannot take back. 
  • What happens when people need you more than you need them?
  • I think I’m just the type of person who can go days without interacting with other people, and I appreciate hours where I can be by myself and my thoughts.
  • Learning about signifying theories and cultural studies in my Media and Representation class, which are all not very revolutionary, but must have been at another point in history. Though, of course, still relevant, because so many people treat our social constructions as truth.
  • Some of the theories relate to our sense of self and how we have multiple subjectivities, and a stable sense of self is just an illusion. So when we approach a text, we tend to frame each text with different subjectivities, and we are subjected differently by the text. I quite like the idea that we don’t have to be just one thing, and we don’t have to have a consistent sense of self. We can be many contradictory things, and we don’t have to limit ourselves to identify with the same labels over and over again.
  • But most of society is structured that way, so there’s women and men, gay and straight people, races, ethnicities, religions, nationalities… And we live with the fact that someone who is sexually attracted to a person of the same sex is categorically gay, like sexuality can be organised into definite groups.
  • (I’d like to think sexuality is a fluid thing, but I’m not really sure.)
  • I’m trying to finish a novel/novella (hopefully novel) by this year.
  • I’m also trying to accomplish other projects that I can’t tell you about. Shhh.
  • There was a rape culture apologist on my Facebook news feed today and I spent half an hour deciding whether I should comment and actually mentally replying the person. There’s always some kind of similar drama happening on my FB, and I always choose not to comment. 
  • Women rule. 

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