Your love is my turning page.

It’s Valentine’s tomorrow!!! To tell you the truth, I’m not a fervent fan of the holiday. It’s all teddy bears and red roses and chocolates and candlelit dinners, which in this world is all about restaurant deals and really jacked up prices at florists. And of course I’m a believer in showing your love for your loved ones every day, and all your loved ones too, not just your significant other. But you know what? I hardly talk about my boyfriend on this site, so I shall chatter on about him for a while (haha babe are you reading this.)

I definitely have a type. This I found out from being an enthusiastic television fan, and from the varying amount of feels I had for different characters. I realised that I was always fond of the kind, good, hardworking and loyal ones. They didn’t need to be particularly spectacular or interesting or emotionally complex. In fact, I love when they are simple, and everything about the person is simple, because it’s clear to the person what is important in their life, and they will always fight to keep it.

So, instead of the Doctor on Doctor Who (though I absolutely love him of course,) my fave will forever and always be Rory Williams. Not the Time Lord who promises me all of time and space, but the lone boy who waits outside a box for 2000 years just to make sure his love is safe. Instead of romantic Richard Castle, I prefer the stable, loyal and sensible Kevin Ryan. I love Matt Saracen instead of Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights. And I would probably love a Hufflepuff. (I love both Harry and Ron equally, but gosh the utter lack of fulfillment of Ron’s potential in the later books!!! And did he even exist in the movies srsly.) 

But, ya, I think it’s safe to say that the person I’m in love with in real life possesses all those qualities. He’s loyal, kind, filial and sensible. And I’m so lucky to have met him. He might not watch all the tv shows I rave about, he might not be the most romantic dude, he might not understand everything I do or love, but he loves it when I’m happy or healthy or well-rested or productive, because he wants the best for me, and I think that’s the most gorgeous thing. 

I hope you all find that for yourselves, not because one needs a relationship in life, but because one needs a person who supports your happiness in this way. 

Not much point to this post, but Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re completely utterly hopelessly head-over-heels in love, congratulations!!!! Life can be so great, and love is wonderful. If you’re in love, but the love has plateaued to an unexciting companionship, don’t forget that love is not all about the fireworks, but about staying beside people who are worth it and worth you, and who deserve you. If you’re not in love or not yet in love, you are still surrounded by all the love in the world. Happy Galentine’s Day!! And last but not least, remember to love your family. (:

St. Valentine was imprisoned for performing marriages for soldiers forbidden to marry, so we should celebrate the immense capacity he had for love, and just how far our world has come in accepting and reveling in all the kinds of love we have for each other. 


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