White blank page

I haven’t had the time to think. Does that sound a little self-indulgent?

People have been almost constantly asking me how the US is, how my exchange has been… and I’ve been saying ‘great! People are great, weather is great, school is pretty, traveling is awesome’ which are all true things. But I haven’t really had the time to chew on it, to soak it up, to love it, to hate it. I’ve just been seeing and doing and going places, which is hardly something to complain about, but I haven’t been placing any of these activities in perspective, and I’m trying to do it now on this particular space.

I guess I’ve been stuck between two places, and it’s giving me anxiety. The wish to cover the whole of the New World in four months is barely happening, but I’m still trying to breathe everything in like trying to grab sand. And as I mentioned to my dear Clarence, we all know how that analogy turns out.

So that’s one place I’m in: taking it all in. 

Yet, another part of me just wants to sit here, sip my tea and listen to Mumford & Sons.

Oh, how linear we are as creatures. How we see things in terms of time. Four months. One semester. Five years of a double degree. Three years to wait for a HDB flat. TGIFs. 


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