Chastity (?)

I often say that college is my initiation into the adult world (in the NSFW sense of adult.) In this age of widespread sexual liberation, of dorm promiscuity, of instant gratification, of the lack of patience, the lack of respect, of do first, think later, I find it such a rarity and comfort when I hear or know of friends who have decided to wait. 

I just met up with a female friend who only allowed her boyfriend to hold her hand one month into their official relationship, and peck her on the lips six months in. And I’m insanely proud of them and how much they respect each other and their relationship. 

I do not wish to impose the condition of women remaining virginal for them to be pure, good people. Women should be able to do what they want with their bodies and habits, as men have always been allowed more room to do. You know, life is short, do things you love, etc.

But isn’t it so lovely to find two people so unhurried and secure in their love?


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