Of endings and beginnings

My stint at Oak3 is ending tomorrow. In all honesty, it was a great internship. I learnt about the intricacies of the local industry, I was given value-adding work to do for the company, and I was able to fulfill my potential and not spend my time photocopying. 

It was tiring, I am tired, but I loved it, and I would do it again. I hope this is the beginning of a career in television writing and production ahead of me, though I’m not qualified for it. The most important thing I’ve learnt (other than being trained to break a show down into technical parts) is that I know so little, at the risk of sounding entirely cliched. 

The truth is I have an obsessive personality, which lends me greatly to administrative work. I know I’ll be a great employee. But my obsessiveness tends to give me tunnel vision, and that’s bad in any creative industry. I need and want to be more exposed to a variety of things. I want to be inspired. 

I question my ability to thrive in the creative business constantly. Do I have something to say? Am I able to say it in an interesting and insightful way? Do I write well enough? Do I know what I’m saying? And sometimes – why do I even want to do this? 

So, I guess it’s perfect timing that the end of my work internship will give way to the beginning of my temporary stay in the states. I am going to try my best to step out of my comfort zone, to meet people, to know the local culture, to observe and live and breathe and collect insights. It’s going to be more difficult than people realise. And a lot more rewarding too. 

Also, being out of work and not having to spend so much time studying actually makes for a great time to write.

Ahoy, mateys!


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