TUMBLR ASK: Are you an elitist?

Haha, this is such a strange question to ask, bearing in mind the negative connotations associated with the word (and the recent witch hunt Singapore has been on to attack everything related to the system that favours elitism and selects our elites without regard given to morality.)

You must be aware that I’ll try to excuse myself from such a social system the way you won’t state the ugly truth about yourself in a survey, so you must know that you will never get the full truth from what I represent here.

Regardless, I’ll try my best to present my thoughts. I don’t think I’m an elitist. I believe that if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. The whole idea of elitism already prefers a certain kind of intelligence, so I don’t agree with it. I believe everyone is smart in their own way, even if some are smarter than others in some ways. I absolutely dislike the Singaporean system that encourages us to think that success is dependent entirely on one examination. How does the ability to regurgitate under stress translate to intelligence and future success in life?

Yet, I like to be challenged, which is why I approve of programmes like university scholar programmes. Are these elitist in nature? Yes. Such programmes only take in a certain percentage of the cohort, and selects students based on results, interviews and an essay. This is by definition elitist, and it exists to cater to a small population of students. I like it that way – I like small class sizes and discussion-based assessment. I like thinking about things and debating about principles that might not have the most direct relevance to reality.

So, think what you would like of my answer. (:


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