TUMBLR ASK: Why did you choose NUS over SMU?

Simply speaking, I chose NUS (National University of Singapore, for the uninitiated) because I want to work in the media industry, and the Communications course made sense to me at the time. I considered SMU School of Social Sciences, and even had a wonderful time at my interview, but I wanted to get some insight into media work. This insight is most definitely limited, and for a fuller picture, I should have gone to NTU School of Art, Media and Design instead.

But I’ve always felt an affinity with NUS, I’m not sure why. I think the culture is great, and I’ve always felt like I could be left alone and accepted in a group in equal measure.

At the risk of sounding elitist, I also chose NUS for the University Scholars Programme. It has so much to offer me, and I’ve had much fun with it.


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