Of dreams and comfort zones

I have this friend. She’s finally decided to leave the comfort zone that is Singapore to pursue a dream career in the states (You know who you are). And thinking about her and myself and what I do every day and how much joy I experience when something actually happens after years of trying and dreaming and loving and chasing, I can’t help but feel so glad and so fortunate. 

We are so, so fortunate. We have the luxury of pursuing our dreams, for lack of a better phrase. 

I have always had this notion in my head that we have to go after our passion in life, the things that make us excited to be here. I still do have the same notion, and I am constantly glad I still believe in the potency of this future. Of course a lot has changed since then, and I no longer see ‘our passion’ as this faraway nebulous object. We don’t so much chase our passion as we do work at it. We work at it every day, and it takes a while to really practise until you get the rhythms and pace of something that it’s finally easy. And then when it’s easy, you have to move on to something more, something greater. 

So it really surprises me sometimes when I meet people who are floating along in the system, and just going through the motions. And it surprises me even more to realise that so many, too many, of us are like that. I’m in university, and there are a few courses that have a compulsory internship component, and so many people do internships just to fulfill the requirement. They choose the easiest job. When I meet these people in my work place, I sometimes feel so angry because they don’t care about the same things I do. And if they don’t care, they shouldn’t be there. 

But, why? (I whisper to myself.) You guys must have dreams, even if they are dreams that are different from mine. You guys must have something you are striving toward. I guess for many Singaporeans, this dream is one of materialism. The picture of white heaps and sugar lumps. Really, it’s not for me to judge, though I do not wish this for myself.

Or is none of this a part of your pursuit at all?

Because our dreams are too big and they always carry the risk of consuming us and leaving us impoverished. 

I am also afraid of leaving my comfort zone. Sometimes I give in to that fear and make decisions based on it. I’m not proud of it, but I certainly understand. It’s just so easy to not try, not give, not reach, not move, just stay. 

Let us remind each other not to stay within the warm circumference of our comfort zones. They become these huge beanbags that are more like quicksand. The more and longer you sit on it, the more difficult it is to get up, and the more you do not want to. 

Dreams can be big, but you can always break them down. 

I have a personal motto to pursue things that are worth it, and I will continue to stay true to it. So, I hope you stay true to yours. 


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