Multiple bundles of thoughts.

  • First batch of proposals that we sent out came back today and only one out of 10 was selected. Proud that something was selected, but vainly disappointed that it wasn’t my work. I suppose some part of me thought I could be one of the lucky ones who catapulted to fame. Oops.
  • It’s only Thursday but I’m so tired from work I could collapse on my bed.
  • Writing and editing the whole day at work actually takes away my drive to write my own stories on my own time at home. Solution: write my non-work pieces at work as well.
  • I super need some downtime, but I’m watching Dexter. Yes, watching Dexter is my downtime.
  • Tan Kheng Hua is 49, but she has rock hard abs.
  • Proximity is more important in a relationship/friendship than one might think, even if it is just a matter of time zones.
  • I am actually terribly afraid of offending people, so I hope I haven’t offended my random anon.
  • I have a friend who keeps asking me if I’m getting married any time soon. Dude, no, I’m not even 21 yet.
  • I wonder who first thought of the idea of a unicorn?
  • I wonder if I would have been able to get into med school if that was what I wanted.
  • If we have past lives, I wonder if Lis was still my person.
  • The idea of an audience drives more things than we realise, even if the audience is invisible or non-existent.
  • I love Singapore so much for being racially sensitive.
  • Do you think men and women can have a purely platonic friendship?

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