TUMBLR ASK: Looking at your full name I think you were born in china, no? so what language do you speak at home? AND YOUR ENGLISH IS REALLY REALLY GOOD. how did you pick that up so fast?

I was not born in China. I was born and raised in Singapore, which is, contrary to popular belief, not a part of China. We are our own country, a small island in Southeast Asia.

Our language of instruction in school is English, so we learn all our subjects – Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc. – in English. The only subject we learn in Chinese is, well, Mandarin. We are also a multi-racial and multi-cultural nation, with a sizeable number of Malays and Indians.

So, my perceived mastery of the English language is not all that wondrous at all. It is pretty much a given.

Also, I like to read. (:


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