TUMBLR ASK (@clarencemight): I love your recent post to bits. And hey, I liked it with both my blogs because I can. HAHA. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about Singapore a lot these days. A LOT. That’s because my cousin, who recently graduated from college with a degree in economics, spent a few days vacationing there. And she wants to go back soon, with me in tow. (Except, me still being in college puts a hamper on all my travel plans. Sucks.) It’s refreshing to hear an unsugarcoated perspective on SG. Thank you for sharing…

Thank you, darling. Singapore is just a really complex and interesting place. Like most Asian places, a lot of things have to be read between the lines. These are just my personal thoughts. (: I do love Singapore for all it is though.

Anyway, even though you’re going to college, you should have time to come for a vacation right!!!!!!! We’re so close, yet so farrrrrr.


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