TUMBLR ASK: how so?

I used to think that talent is the most important thing in writing. Talent and reading. To be a better writer, you have to read more.

I still feel that these two things are important, but the more I write, and the more I talk to people about writing, I realise that writing is just like any other skill or sport—you have to hone it. So, to be a better writer, you have to work at it. You have to continually write, write every day, and produce content consistently. You don’t always get the good stuff at first, and sometimes the regularity in writing helps to get the bad writing out of the way. At least, this is the way I function.

I realise that to write every day, especially creatively, it takes more effort and discipline than pure brilliance. It’s about sitting down at your desk typing away, noting down phrases on your phone, editing, when you can be watching television, or devouring a book, or Tumblring.

What do you think, anon?


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