Of Television

The depression of the Chuck fans at the series finale of their show has created a sort of ache in me. It really strikes me how much television means to people, and how much it has saved the lives of many.

The thing about television that makes it different from films and even books is that it’s intimate. It comes right into our living rooms, and consequently right into our hearts and minds. Television characters stay with us for years. We fall in love with them, only to hate the decisions they make, ache at their losses and weep for joy at their victories. They make us ponder over their choices and reflect upon our own. They love in a way we don’t dare to, but reminds us of the magnitude of the heart.

We get frustrated at them, but we talk to them and keep them in our lives. We love them for years and years. And when the series ends, it’s akin to losing an entire family.

Television is so powerful. Not just because of the experimentation with audiences, the original concepts, and the amazing soundtracks, but because of how genuine it is, because we see ourselves in television, and we become better because of it.

So, thank you, all my favourite shows and my favourite fandoms.

I will miss you.


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